Discover your true capabilities.


The assessment matches you to in-demand, financially stable careers based on the 12 dimensions that uniquely define who you are as a person - and what you have the potential to achieve.

Uncover the hidden strengths in your abilities, interests, work values, and personality type.

With the assessment, you’ll finally have the roadmap you’ve been looking for to a successful career.

Not only will you learn more about your abilities, interests, work values, and personality type than you ever knew before – but we’ll also map your results to over 968 careers – and show the best options for you and your unique potential.

It’s easy – simply answer a series of questions and our algorithms do the rest!

Our sophisticated and proprietary algorithms take the guesswork out of answers to questions like “what career would I be good at?”

All you need to do is tell us about yourself and  answer some questions that we’ll use to measure your abilities – it’s that easy!

See how your abilities can help you succeed in well-paying careers that you may have never considered.

Uncover exciting career opportunities based on measurements of your unique abilities, and see how it feels when you find a career that “just fits.”

Every career match we offer is based on measuring your abilities across 8 distinct areas:

Analytical Reasoning:  Your ability to quickly and accurately organize information and reach solutions using step-by-step processes.

Arithmetic Reasoning:  Your ability to use math and logic to solve real-world problems.

Computation:  Your skill at using arithmetic operations.

Diagnostic Reasoning:  Your ability to quickly recognize patterns and commonalities between different objects or ideas.

Name Comparison:  Your ability to quickly and correctly compare similarities and differences among sets of letters and words.

Object Matching:  Your ability to quickly and accurately see details in objects, pictures, or drawings.

Vocabulary:  Your ability to understand and use English vocabulary correctly.

3D Spatial:  Your ability to quickly solve problems that involve visualizing 3D objects.

Find out how your interests can become career-building strengths.

A rewarding career is also one that you’re interested in.  We go beyond just matching your abilities to careers to ensure that you’ll be passionate and happy with your future.

You’ll see how you directly map to careers that value and reward your interests across 6 separate areas:

Artistic:  Work that deals with the creative side of things.

Conventional:  Work that follows standard procedures and routines.

Enterprising:  Work that allows you to start and carry out business plans and projects.

Investigative:  Work that involves lots of ideas and thinking.

Realistic:  Work that includes practical, hands-on problems and answers.

Social:  Working with others to help them learn and grow.

Don’t spend your life working in a career that doesn’t share your values.

Work-life balance is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to true work satisfaction.  That’s why we make sure that you’re matched to careers that share your values for a successful and sustainable working life.

You’ll see how careers you match to share your work values across 6 different areas:

Achievement:  Work that allows you to see the results of your efforts and provides a feeling of accomplishment.

Independence:  Work where you can do things on your own initiative and where you can make decisions on your own.

Recognition:  Work with good possibilities for advancement, prestige, or with potential for leadership.

Relationships:  Work where you have a friendly relationship with coworkers and customers or people you serve.

Support:  Work where the company stands behind its workers and where workers are comfortable with management’s style of supervision.

Working Conditions:  Work that meets your pay, job security, and good working conditions requirements.

Learn how to best navigate your future based on your personality type.

Different personalities handle different situations, well, differently.  With, you’ll learn the strengths of your personality type and the areas you may need to keep an eye on to succeed to the level of your true potential.

Energy:  Understand how you direct your mental energy and where you fit on the spectrum of Extroverted vs. Introverted.

Mind:  Learn how you interact with your environment and if you are more Intuitive or Sensing in your approach.

Nature:  Find out if you are more Thinking or Feeling in the way that you make decisions and cope with emotions, and what effect that has.

Tactics:  Discover your approach to work, planning, and decision-making and how being more Judging or Perceiving can play a role.