Building economic sustainability in communities that have been largely ignored or under-supported


The percentage of jobs that will require education or training beyond high school by 2027 (U.S.
Department of Education).


The percentage of workers who have participated in an upskilling program who say their overall quality
of life has improved (Gallup, 2021).


The number of career clusters defined by the U.S. Department of Labor that group jobs and industries
through related skills or products. Within each cluster, there are career pathways for training and
education opportunities to prepare for a chosen career.


Pathway for a better tomorrow

At Future Plans, our passion is helping you discover YOUR passion and skills that will lead to a personalized pathway and a better tomorrow. Our assessment reveals your interests, abilities and work values and helps you discover the type of work that best suits your uniqueness. Your career coach will walk you through your results and guide you to a world of personalized options for work, education and training.


uplifting your community

Whether you’re a government official, a teacher, a small business owner or a part of the local church, you have a role in uplifting your community. Future Plans works to convene community stakeholders around shared common goals in education, workforce development and other areas identified by members. We come together to connect, plan and execute your ideas with the support of donors and government-based partners.


Frequently Asked Questions

Future Plans is a nonprofit organization that focuses on workforce development. Through a collaborative approach, Future Plans stimulates economic growth for communities by building an in-demand workforce. Starting with a career assessment, both students and adults discover
their strengths and then work 1-on-1 with a career coach to establish a plan that can lead to postsecondary education, job-specific credentialing, or directly to employment.

The Future Plans assessment is a comprehensive tool that measures your interests, abilities, and work values that are key to understanding which in-demand, financially stable career paths are best suited for you.

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The assessment has several sections, some of which are individually timed. But, there is no time limit for overall completion.

The Future Plans assessment process provides you with real-time jobs data from top employers specific to the career you're pursuing. With your career coach, you'll be able to fully understand the real-world benefits and values your personality, strengths, and abilities are capable of - as well as uncover the education options and career paths that best suit you.

Please use the "Support" option within the application. Alternatively, you can send an email to

Unfortunately, our assessment is not available in a mobile application so you will not be able to use a smart phone for it.

Many communities have public workspaces or remote work centers with computers or tablets available. Your local library may also have computers available for public use.

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