By empowering individuals to discover meaningful career paths, Future Plans will help revitalize our neighborhoods and communities.

We specialize in an intentional, data-driven talent model for individual and community economic recovery that leaves no one behind; based in grassroots, community-based collaboration.


A nonprofit as of March 2022, Future Plans, Inc. has a remarkable history of success in building grassroots coalitions devoted to helping people at any stage in their lives build a better tomorrow. 

We are an organization of individuals living in the communities we serve who are committed to revitalizing and improving our neighborhoods and region.

To better leverage resources and to reflect the true passion of our work, Future Plans transitioned to a nonprofit status in March 2022. Collectively we are committed to growing hope by building a workforce and thus an economic future for our communities.


Through a collaborative approach, Future Plans stimulates economic growth for communities by building an in-demand workforce.

Starting with a career assessment, both students and adults discover their strengths and then work 1-on-1 with a career coach to establish a plan. This begins the individualized journey to uncovering financial independence through jobs.  

With a focus on local solutions, we have proven that together, remarkable things happen! 

We help individuals reach their potential by identifying their own greatness and by collaborating with others to build the supports required to help them on their journey.

Leadership Team

Future Plans is committed to hiring from the communities we serve as all changes starts with the people in the community.

Profile of Dr. Denise Reading

Dr. Denise Reading

Founder and CEO
Profile of Tracy Martin-Thompson

Tracy Martin-Thompson

Chief of Staff
Profile of Shari De Marco

Shari De Marco

Chief Operations Officer
Profile of Kristy Amy

Kristy Amy

Chief of Programs


Our partners and collaborators are important team members who share our vision of the creation of
thriving communities and our passion for helping individuals find pathways to better futures.
“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”  -Helen Keller