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Collaboration: Operation Better Together


Operation Better Together, a collaboration of several Future Plans partners in Adams County, Ohio, has been recognized as one of the top rural justice projects in the country by The Rural Justice Collaborative (RJC) Advisory Council.

Danielle Poe, Director of Behavioral Health for the Adams County Ohio Valley School District said, “This movement is where we see people come together who not only recognize the needs of our community and become burdened by them but also take action together” (Read the full story from The Peoples Defender).

In a recent GRIT Project update, Debra Plymail, Director of Ohio Means Jobs in Adams and Brown County, shared more about how Operation Better Together came to be. Denise Reading, Founder/CEO of Future Plans, remarked, “This is a perfect example of what it means to pull together your own community’s grassroots coalition to solve problems and that is an underlying principle of the GRIT Project.”

We celebrate the ongoing success and the well-deserved national recognition of Operation Better Together. Read the full story.